Zadruga lepoglavske čipke

Lace Festival ended sucsessfully

After finishing of 14th International Lace Festival, the members of the Organizing Committee met at the evaluation meeting to discuss the activities carried out and the overall organization of the Festival. The meeting has been held on Tuesday, 28 September and, except for members of the Festival Organizing Committee (Mirko Varović, Mirko Druško, Tihana Petrović-Leš), the meeting was attended by Mayor Marijan Škvarić and his deputy Alojz Gredelj, as well as Karmen Šoštarić, Nevenka Kihas-Borovec and Željko Videc.

The meeting noted that this year's festival was successfully done in professional and exhibition area to the satisfaction of visitors and the profession. The aim of the program is successfully implemented, and the only drawback that Organizing Committee sees is in the rain during the festival, which constantly obstructed and impeded the implementation of activities.

They also defined the first steps to organize the next festival, which will be held from 22 to 25 September 2011. , in the period of Baroque Evenings in Varaždin, and it will include retrospective of all past Festivals as well as presentation of new topics related to lace in interior.

The fact remains that the evening entertainment program failed of the full extent which may say that this type of activity at the Lace Festival is no longer a magnet for attracting the masses, and he should consider whether is it ever at all needed in this form. What delights is the fact that this year the professional and scientific part of the festival was beyond all expectations and confirmed the thesis that one should develop this form of promotion of lace, a handmade, which has valuable scientific and cultural background. Entertainment should be completely moved to another term under another manifestation as the lace would not fall into the background because of poor performers or time.

Although anyway, there is a need to rejuvenate the organization that would provide a new design of the festival, the fact remains that people are talking about it for years, but without concrete results. Is the 15th anniversary Festival chance for a new generation, time will tell.