Zadruga lepoglavske čipke

Lepoglava Lace Cooperative

The cooperative was founded 24.01.2003. on the initiative to restore Lepoglava tradition of Lepoglava Lace which has threatened to become extinct. Lace were produced mainly by elderly women, and knowledge creation are passed from generation on the generation.

City Lepoglava has created the Program "Lepoglava lace" that has been submitted to the County of Varaždin and got financial support. The program is financially supported by the Ministry of Economy, Labour and Entrepreneurship. The program is based on the: education of young lace makers through a six-month course, making high-quality packaging suitable synthetic product, product promotion and marketing activities, forming a cooperative that will gather lace makers, purchase needed thread, place the product and take care of getting the product quality standard mark "ORIGINAL CROATIAN"

Planned program was implemented and has created conditions that lace except rare ethnographic value comes to life as a product that will carry an economic activity and provide income for women in this region. A new generation of lace makers is created and cooperative today counts 78 members. Manufactured laces are regularly purchased and sold on as a highly valuable product rukotvorni. The presidential office has been a frequent client of lace and it is a gift on the president travels.

Lace - a souvenir - is made of individual elements of the major forms of lace. 29.10.2004. Croatian National Tourist Board in Cavtat has granted the award "Green Flower 2004" to Lepoglava Lace Cooperative for the integrity and originality of the continental Croatian souvenirs, making it lace to become the most original souvenir.

Certain elements of Lepoglava Lace used as a fashion accessory in dress / blouses, collars, inserts. At last year's International Festival of lace in Lepoglava was prepared a fashion show called "Lace as a fashion accessory. "

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