Zadruga lepoglavske čipke

Lace and agate at Philatelic congress in Vienna

The exhibition of Croatian postage stamps, postmarks and letters, as well as lace and agate, Croatian Philatelic Federation successfully launched on Saturday 6.11. the premises of the Austrian Philatelic Society in Vienna. Croatian Philatelic Federation has presented the exhibition of stamps from 1918. till today.

- Altogether is represented more than 5000 stamps. – said the President of the Croatian Philatelic Federation Ivan Librić. The exhibition which is organized under an agreement on cooperation of Austrian and Croatian Philatelic Society, a space for the presentation also received a valuable Lepoglavska Lace presented by Lepoglava lace society, which was improved by exhibition of Lepoglava agate.

In addition to our valuable artifacts, the exhibition has presented and the overall tourism offer of the Varaždin County, which was presented by Elizabea Dolenec, director of the Tourist Board of Varaždin County, and county itself was presented by deputy mayor Milan Pavleković while Lepoglava delegation was led by mayor Marijan Škvarić.

In Vienna, the Croatian Post was presented with an exhibition of twenty years of Croatian postage stamps, as well as the Opatija city hosting the next Congress of the European Philatelic Society 2011th year, and offer of district Bednja was presented by Joseph Podsečki.

It is important to note that Lepoglava was not invited to participate only for its handicrafts, but also due to the fact that Lepoglava as the city has the highest print themed postage stamps, as many as 7 which has no other units Local governments in Croatia. Numerous letters are embellished by lace stamps, Paulist Gymnasium, agate, Belostenec and Ranger stamps.