Zadruga lepoglavske čipke

Lace dress closed Cro-A-Porter 2010.

This season's Cro-A-Porter was closed by fashion show of Boris Pavlin, whose new collection "picked up" the hottest applause from the audience. Pavlin from season to season represents one of the finest collections in the local fashion scene offering to fashion lovers his luxury visions, and impressed this time with the introduction of luxury garments from some fairy tale to fit the princesses of the new era.


One of the fairy dress in which the visitors enjoyed, stood out with lace motifs, we have seen on the 14th International Lace Festival. Famous designer Boris Pavlin envisioned it as a blend of artistry of Lepoglava women making lace and lush of Lepoglava nature, using traditional motifs of lace, "Summer in the woods."

At the sculptural cream colored silk dress, lace petals of different sizes are attached in the center of the woven pearl tiles, forming with its shape stylization flower. The result is a unique wedding gown which with its shape skillfully interwoven elements of Art Nouveau with contemporary understanding of the ritual garment, made in minutial Lepoglava lace technique.

Lace was made by 18 women, members of Lepoglava lace society and the dress is already in the showroom of the House of Culture